Research Scholars

Zhong WangResearch ProfessorJiasheng HuangResearch Professor
Interstellar Medium, Galaxy Evolution and InteractionsGalaxy formation and evolution, High-z Galaxies
Nanyao LuResearch ProfessorCong XuResearch Professor
* Optical, infrared/sub-millimeter and radio observations of galaxies
* Star formation process, ISM and their interplay in galaxies
* Large-scale distribution of galaxies in local universe
* Distant galaxies and galaxy evolution
* Infrared/Sub-millimeter space astronomical missions
Optical, infrared/sub-millimeter and radio observations of galaxies,merging galaxy ,Starburst galaxy, galaxy evolution
Wei WangResearch ProfessorYu DaiResearch Professor
exoplanetGalaxy formation and evolution, Supermassive black holes, active galactic nuclei(AGNs) and interacting galaxies
Haojing YanResearch ProfessorYongwei GuoAssociate Research Professor
Massinissa HadjaraResearch ScientistCheng ChengResearcher
Optical and infrared spectro-interferometrylow mass galaxy,
high redshift galaxy
Lei ZhuResearcherChunhui ShiResearcher
Lixin YuResearcherLingzhi WangResearcher
Meng ZhaiResearcherXu ShaoResearcher
exoplanetGalaxy formation and evolution
Marat MusinResearcher

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