Research Scholars

Gongbo ZhaoResearch ProfessorJiasheng HuangResearch Professor
Interstellar Medium, Galaxy Evolution and InteractionsGalaxy formation and evolution, High-z Galaxies
Yu DaiResearch ProfessorLingzhi WangAssociate Research Professor
Optical and infrared spectro-interferometrySupernova, Dust, Variable stars, Time-Domain Astronomy
Cheng ChengAssociate Research ProfessorMeng ZhaiAssistent Professor
low mass galaxy,
high redshift galaxy
Pablo Fernando García FuentesAssistent ProfessorLei ZhuAssistent Professor
Formation of Massive Stars in the Galactic Center and the Milky Way DiskFormation of Massive Stars, Formation and Evolution of Molecular Clouds and Observations with Radio Interferometers
Jinhua HeProfessorLixin YuAssistent Professor
恒星形成、分子云、天体化学、演化恒星Time Domain Astronomy
Marat MusinAssistent Professor

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