Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Gabriel OioCAS postdocJuncheng Chen
Active Galatic nuclei (AGN) and galaxy co-evolution
Marat MusinCAS postdocJixing GeCAS postdoc
2018.9 - 2020/08-
Optical-IR studies of galaxies. Galaxy formation and evolution. Stellar mass assembly history of galaxies through cosmic time.Astro-chemical observation and modeling of star-forming regions using radio telescopes (e.g ALMA etc.) and numerical codes for chemical reactions (e.g. GGCHEM etc.) and radiative transfer calculations (e.g. RADEX etc.).
Matías MontesinosCAS-CONICYT postdocCristina Romero-CanizalesCAS-CONICYT postdoc
Theory and modeling of accretion disks, fluid dynamics for astrophysical systems, numerical hydro-simulations, radiative transfer calculations, and construction of synthetic (ALMA) images. Particular interest in planet formation theories, observability and modeling of proto-planetary disk systems.2018.1 - 2020.1 Radio/mm studies of interacting/merging galaxies
Galaxy evolution and star formation
Tidal Disruption Events at high angular resolution
Astronomical masers
2017.12 - 2019.12
Julio CarballoCAS-CONICYT postdoc Jorge GonzalezCAS-CONICYT postdoc
Globular clusters. Galactic archaeology. Milky Way halo and satellite galaxies. Stellar populations in the Local Group2018.7 - 2020.7 Galaxy formation and evolution
Interstellar medium of star-forming galaxies at high redshift
Distribution of molecular gas and dust in strongly lensed galaxies
Blind searches on Submm observations
2017.12 - 2019.12
Fabio VitoCAS-CONICYT postdocMaría ArgudoCAS-CONICYT postdoc
-High-redshift Active Galactic Nuclei and galaxies
-X-ray surveys
-Obscured quasars
2018.7 - 2020.7formation and evolution of galaxies2018.5 - 2020.5
Hongli LiuCAS Postdoctoral FellowCheng ChengCAS Postdoctoral Fellow
Triggered star formation around HII regions
The initial conditions of high-mass star formation
Magnetic fields of molecular clouds
2017.3 - Multi-wavelength properties of galaxy; Local faint galaxy; Multi-component decomposition of galaxy morphology; Cosmic Star Formation History 2016.12
Paul EigenthalerCAS-CONICYT Postdoctoral FellowClaudio RicciCAS-CONICYT Postdoctoral Fellow
dwarf galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies, galaxy surveys, morphology of galaxies, evolution of galaxy groups, stellar populations2016.9Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) physical structure and kinematics, AGN evolution, X-ray spectroscopy, simulations of reprocessed X-ray radiation (ray tracing), heavily obscured accretion onto supermassive black holes, Luminous and Ultra-luminous infrared galaxies, Cosmic X-ray background.2016.4-2018.4
Xian ChenCAS-CONICYT Postdoctoral FellowZhenya ZhengCAS-CONICYT Postdoctoral Fellow
Theoretical astrophysics, stellar and gas dynamics around massive black holes, gravitational wave sources and their electromagnetic counterparts.High-redshift Galaxies, Cosmic Reionization, SuperMassive Black Hole Binary, AGN variability, Optical and X-ray properties of AGNs and Galaxies
Lan ZhangCAS-CONICYT Postdoctoral FellowPaulina Assmann
Galaxy: dynamics; Stars: parameters, abundance, kinematics; Data: analysis, reduction Dense Stellar Systems, Post Newtonian Dynamics, Gravitational Waves, Nbody and Superbox Simulations.
Yu Rong2017/09-2019/03Hongxin Zhang
investigating the formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies, ultra-diffuse galaxies in particular, at low redshift with photometric and spectroscopic data. Research interests: 1. galaxy formation and evolution; 2. dwarf galaxies, particularly ultra-diffuse galaxies; 3. dark matter and large-scale structures
Lucia GuaitaToha
Connection between Lyman alpha emission, Lyman continuum emission, galaxy intrinsic properties, environment, and intergalactic medium.
Tanio Diaz Santos
Galaxy Evolution, Infrared Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei

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