zhong wang
Zhong WangDirector, Research ProfessorJiasheng HuangChief/Research Professor
Interstellar Medium, Galaxy Evolution and InteractionsGalaxy formation and evolution, High-z Galaxies
Wei WangDeputy Director, Associate Research ProfessorNanyao LuSenior Scientist
exoplanet* Optical, infrared/sub-millimeter and radio observations of galaxies
* Star formation process, ISM and their interplay in galaxies
* Large-scale distribution of galaxies in local universe
* Distant galaxies and galaxy evolution
* Infrared/Sub-millimeter space astronomical missions
Cong XuProfessorYu DaiProfessor
Optical, infrared/sub-millimeter and radio observations of galaxies,merging galaxy ,Starburst galaxy, galaxy evolutionGalaxy formation and evolution, Supermassive black holes, active galactic nuclei(AGNs) and interacting galaxies
Xu ShaoAssistant Research Professor
Galaxy formation and evolution



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