China-CONICYT Postdoctoral Fellowship research topics 2017

We are looking to build a catalog of research programs to guide applicants to the China-CONICYT Joint Postdoc Fellowship. Potential research projects for postdocs may be proposed by astronomers from either Chinese or Chilean institutions willing to be the host. These can be in any area of astronomical research, including observation, instrumental development, and theory, but must involve China-Chile collaboration.  If those topics listed here are not interesting or relevant to any applicants, they may establish any China-Chile collaborative research topics on their own with their two potential supervisors.

Below listed the research programs submitted for the 2017 China-CONICYT Postdoctoral fellowship, and more is coming. If you unfortunately find your submitted research topic missing from the list, please write to Wei Wang at

IDChilean PIHost InstitutionChinese PIHost InstitutionTitle
1701Dante Minniti Universidad Andres BelloMartin SmithShanghai Astronomical Observatories, CASTHE CHINA-CHILE BULGE (CCB) POSTDOC PROJECT
1702Jorge CuadraPontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileXian ChenDepartment of Astronomy, Peking UniversityGalactic Nuclei, Gravitational Wave Sources, and Their Electromagnetic Counterparts (abstract)
1703Amelia BayoUniversidad de ValparaisoHongchi WangPurple Mountain Observatories, CASSubmillimeter observations of young Brown Dwarfs: understanding their formation processes (abstract;
full research proposal)
1704Thomas PuziaPontificia Universidad Cat ́olica de ChileEric PengKIAA-Peking UniversityGalaxy and Star Cluster Evolution in the Nearby Universe (abstract)
1705Douglas GeislerUniversidad de Concepcio ́nBaitian TangSUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITYInvestigating Formation and Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy using Star Clusters (full research proposal)
1706Dominik SchleicherUniversidad de ConcepciònHuabai LiChinese University of HongkongOrigin and dynamics of magnetized filaments (full research proposal)
1707Amelia M. StutzUniversidad de ConcepciònHuabai LiChinese University of HongkongFrom High Mass filaments to High Mass Stars


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