Results of The evaluation of the 2016 China-Chile Joint project

Based on the guidelines established in a 2013 MoU between CAS and CONICYT, and more specific articles described in a 2016 Agreement between NAOC and SOCHIAS, CASSACA has decided to support up to four collaborative projects every year, each for 1-2 years duration and with a funding level of about 75,000 USD per year on average. In August 2016, a call for joint research proposal was issued and distributed to the astronomy communities of both countries. More than twenty grant proposals were received by the deadline, and these have been reviewed by a panel of senior Chilean and Chinese astronomers. Among these very high quality joint research projects, five teams were selected to be supported by the Joint Fund for the current round.

These include:

  • “The China-Chile Bulge (CCB) Collaboration” by Matin Smith et al. from SHAO and Dante Minniti et al. from UAB
  • “Exploring the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies in Different Environments from MaNGA Spectra” by Fainting Yuan from SHAO and Mederic Boquien from UA
  • “Improved Polarimetric Capabilities in the Chilean Astronomical Instrumentation Landscape, a joint effort between China and Chile.” by Huabai Li from CUHK and Daniel Luhr et al. from UAC
  • “Development of key technologies for a W-Band array receiver ” by Junzhi Wang et al from SHAO and Nicolas Reyes from UC

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